Il Galeone

A beautiful place to spend a quiet and nice day, characterized by fresh and good food.
Not far from the port, ideally situated in the city centre of Lipari’s Island, we offer an excellent break before or after your travels.

About us

Restaurant - Pizzeria - Bar
We are waiting in comfortable and family atmosphere; the Restaurant 'il Galeone', estabilished since 1960, is managed from a restaurateur family with professionalism and experience, they adapt to customers expectations, keeping alive the Aeolian tradition.We boast an experience of fifty years linked to Aeolian traditional’s old recipes and tastes that have been passed from the older generations and these reflect the folk tradition.

We are Waiting!

Genuine and Refined Cuisine
We offer dishes both fish and meat. We love take care of our dishes, infact we choose the best ingredients carefully.
Therefore, we research the best goods and working themselves, we want satisfy your every need.
We give a genuine and refined cuisine with local fresh fish specially selected for a delicated and sophisticated flavours.
We can select a lot of kind of pizza, all cooking in wood oven, served up to three different flavours on wooden little tablet.

Bruschetta fantasia

Tomato, Tropea’s onion, rocket, flakes of Grana cheese.

Parmigiana Swordfish

Aubergine, swordfish, Grana cheese, tomato sauce, basil, garlic.

Fish and vegetables diced with pinzimonio (oil, lemon, spices)

Fish Nuggets, celery, carrots, citronette

Home’s Starter

Vegetables dish selected by us

Fish counter


Italian spaghetti with clams

Clams, parsley

Black Iltalian tagliatelle of Galeone

Fresh pasta, shrimps, mushrooms, garlic

Sicilian casarecce

Fresh pasta, swordfish, orange, mint

Seafood risotto (with rice)

Seafood, parsley

Red Baron risotto (with rice)

Sausage, chicory, smocked cheese

Ilalian spaghetti with flavour sea

Cherry tomato, mussels, clams, little shrimps, parsley

Mussels sauté

Mussels, white wine, parsley

Swordfish with pistachio


Mixed Fish – fries


Delicious filed of sea bream

Sea bream, carrots, celery

Stuffed squid

Bread crumbs, cheese, parsley, cherry tomato, Aeolian capers


Oil, origan


Mozzarella cheese


Tomato, mozzarella cheese


Tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham


Tomato, mozzarella cheese, anchovies


Tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham


Tomato, mozzarella cheese, salt ricotta cheese

4 stagioni

Tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham, artichokes, anchovies, olives


Tomato, mozzarella cheese , spicy salame, chili oil


Wooden little tablet with three flavours menù choice


Tomato, mozzarella cheese, basil pesto, little shrimps


Tomato, mozzarella cheese, sausage, spicy salame, mushrooms, smocked cheese, chili oil

Monte Rosa

Tomato, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, bacon


Slices tomato, buffalo’s mozzarella cheese, rocket, cured beef


Mozzarella cheese, fresh cream, mozzarella, smocked salmon, chopped pistachios

Fileno I.G.T.

Cva Canicatti

La Segreta I.G.T

Planeta - Grecanico 50%- Chardonnay 30%- Finao 10%- Viognier 10%, Vol 12,5%

Maria Costanza I.G.T

Azienda agricola G. Milazzo ,Campobello di Licata (AG) - Inzolia e Chardonnay, Vol 13%

Bianco pomice I.G.T

Tenuta Castellaro , Lipari (ME) - Malvasia e Carricante, Vol 13.5%

Bianco Di Nera Più I.G.T

Azienda agricola G. Milazzo ,Campobello di Licata (AG) - nero cappuccio e insolia, Vol 12.5%

Nero Ossidiana I.G.T

Tenuta Castellaro, Lipari(ME) - Corinto e Nero d’Avola,vol 14.5%

Maria Costanza I.G.T

Azienda agricola G.Milazzo ,Campobello di Licata(AG) - Nero d’Avola in purezza,Vol 14%

Noto Doc

Marabino - Nero d’Avola 100%, Vol 13,5%

La Segreta I.G.T

Planeta - Nero d’Avola-Syrah-Merlot, Vol 13% - Sambuca di Sicilia (Ag)

Castello svevo I.G.T

Azienda agricola G.Milazzo ,Campobello di Licata(AG) - Nero d’Avola e Perricone, vol. 12%

Prosecco Doc

Galia - prosecco, Vol 11%

Rosè di rosa

Azienda agricola G.Milazzo ,Campobello di Licata(AG) - insolia rosa e chardonnay, vol 12.5%

Salina Rosato I.G.P

Virgona - Nerello Mascalese-Corinto Nero, Vol 12% - Malfa Salina (Me) Isole Eolie

La Ferla

Cva Canicatti - Nero D’Avola 100%, vol. 13%

Terre Della Baronia I.G.T

Azienda agricola G.Milazzo ,Campobello di Licata(AG) - Inzolia e Catarratto, Vol 12.5%


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Contact us

Just 50 meters from the principal port, on the main street.
Corso  Vittorio Emanuele 220 - Lipari

090 9811463
338 7408482